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We have recently become connected with a hugely important rare gems manufacturer and been asked to represent them in the European market.

The images shown on this page are of a very rare jewel, a 16.30cts Madagascan Ruby and is truly a unique gemstone. The first image is of the Ruby gemstone itself with the second image showing the Ruby in a Diamond Ring Setting.

The amazing lustre and the purity of this incredible Ruby red colour are absolutely stunning and something to behold. In the 40 years working in the Ruby gemstone industry, I have had the privilege to own a small number of very rare gems, Sico International has never had in its possession a gemstone quite as attractive and unique as this piece.

The gemstone comes with a Certificate and appendix from Christian Dunaigre, an ex-Gubelin expert gemmologist who has described this particular Ruby in great detail.  


Click here for more details on the Rare 16.3 ct Ruby from Madagascar, Certified by C Dunaigre.

Rare 16.30cts Madagascan Ruby
Rare Ruby Gemstones for Sale London
Rare Rubies for Sale London

How can we help?

Sico International are experts in sourcing and buying the finest and rarest Rubies available anywhere in the world. Contact us and we'll be delighted to give you advice in helping you choose the right Rubies, Sapphires or Diamonds.

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