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Sico International - Specialists in Rare Gemstones

With over 26 years experience, and with buying offices in Colombo (Sri Lanka) and in Chantaburi (Thailand), we are able to procure the finest, rarest and most precious gemstones, specialising in Rubies and Sapphires alongside Diamonds, Emeralds and others available upon request. We use our unique industry experience and expertise to stock the most important and finest natural coloured gemstone pieces available anywhere in the world. 

Now in 2023 - over 26 years since the company began - Sico International is thriving in the centre of the UK’s Jewellery industry at Hatton Garden. Anthony Aziz, the director of Sico International, is one of the leading experts of Rubies and Sapphires within the jewellery industry across the country. Today, much of his knowledge and experience has been passed on to his two sons, ensuring a commitment that all of Sico’s clients are guaranteed to continue receiving the highest standard of service, as delivered by Anthony all these years.

Sapphire Round 1.43 cts
Ruby Oval 2.02 cts (Part of a Pair)

Gemstone Certificated Rare Gemstones

Our Rubies originate from Burma, Thailand and Africa (where we find some extraordinary natural unheated stones) and our Sapphires originate in Burma, Sri Lanka and also Madagascar. Nowadays, we are closely connected with one of the largest Diamond Houses in New York and India, extending our services into the diamond market. Today in order to provide our clientele with the utmost confidence, we provide gemstone certificates recognised worldwide.

Pink Sapphire 2.99 cts

World Renowned Gemstone Certification Labs

Most of our gemstone stock both Ruby and Sapphire, usually 2-carat size and over, are certified, and for our unique pieces, we usually provide two or even three certificates for the same precious stone, from GRS, Gubelin, SSEF or C.Dunaigre (Swiss) Laboratories.

Gemstone Certifications Recognised Worldwide by SICO International, Gemstone Dealer London
Rare Rubies for Sale London

How can we help?

Sico International are experts in sourcing and buying the finest and rarest Rubies available anywhere in the world. Contact us and we'll be delighted to give you advice in helping you choose the right Rubies, Sapphires or Diamonds.

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