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Anthony Aziz

Anthony Aziz, Sico International's company director, is one of the United Kingdom's leading experts in the Rubies and Sapphires trade. There are very few people that possess his knowledge, expertise and eye for these precious gemstones. 

Anthony's first experience in the gemstone industry came in 1980, under the mentorship and guidance of his father, Henry Azizollahoff - a supremely respected individual within gemstones. Henry had a particularly prominent role in the birth of the Blue Topaz stone. Anthony worked alongside his father for 15 years for Rockmin Ltd, inheriting his wisdom, knowledge, entrepreneurialism and eye for these stones. 

Following this, Anthony opened Sico International Ltd, honing his expertise and delivering his distinctive first-class service to his many trusted clients. His number one focus, and a quality that underpins the success of Sico International, is his commitment to trust, ensuring that every single piece that he deals with is genuine, rare and certificated by world renowned laboratories. 

After 27 years at Sico International and over 43 years of experience in the industry, there are very few people that offer the same commitment to excellence, both in service and product, as Anthony Aziz. Today, he aims to ensure a commitment to the future of Sico International by passing on his wealth of knowledge and expertise onto his two sons, guaranteeing that past, present and future clients of Sico International will receive the highest standard of service, as delivered by Anthony all these years.

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Sico International are experts in sourcing and buying the finest and rarest Rubies available anywhere in the world. Contact us and we'll be delighted to give you advice in helping you choose the right Rubies, Sapphires or Diamonds.

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