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History of SICO International Gemstone Suppliers in London

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Sico International was founded by professional gemstone expert, Anthony Aziz in 1996. Anthony first started working in the industry with his family back in 1980, in the prime location for London’s buzzing jewellery industry, Hatton Garden. After many years of experience, he then opened Sico International 16 years later which was launched in close corporation with one of his closest clients’.

Anthony, always had a passion for the jewellery industry and assisted in the family business whenever he could, starting from a very young age. With the family business specialising in Rubies, Sapphires and Diamonds, in particular, it meant that over the years Sico has formed long-standing partnerships in locations across the globe, governed by where the stones originate from.

Although most of the business has always been through overseas markets such as USA, Hong Kong and China, the Asian Continent has always been one of the most popular parts of the world for sourcing gems and many were mined and then sent to Thailand in the early ’60s. Thai people were well-known for their vast knowledge and extraordinary expertise in cutting and polishing gemstones to a phenomenal standard, a fine art to say the least! Fine precision cutting is so particular due to the strictness of requirements when it comes to calibrated goods, relative to any specialist within the jewelling industry.

Fast forward to the ’90s and onwards, the number of Asian countries who have now learnt the fine art of cutting and polishing fine jewels has grown vastly, with Sri Lanka and Burma now being one of the key locations for sourcing some of the finest Sapphires and gems in the world. Sri Lanka, in particular, is one of the meccas of the gem industry, and many other countries struggle to match its incomparable history as a producer of one of the most popular gems in the world.

Now in 2018 and almost 40 years on since the company first started, Sico International is thriving and well-established in the centre of the Jewelry industry, which still remains as Hatton Garden. Anthony is now one of the premier authorities of Rubies and Sapphires within the jewellery industry and much of his knowledge and experience is passed on through his employees, thus ensuring that all of Sico’s customers are guaranteed to receive the highest standard of service.

If you would like to see how Sico International might be able to help you find the perfect ruby, sapphire, diamond or other gemstone, or to find out more information on any of the jewels stocked, contact Sico today by calling a member of their team on +44 (0)20 7831 3650 or emailing


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